Loss Prevention & Loss Recovery for Self Storage Facilities with David Fegley & Josephine Hart at StoragePartners.us

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Self-storage facilities are witnessing a groundbreaking era in revenue recovery, with operators achieving unparalleled success. According to some estimates, operators are surpassing all expectations, achieving a staggering 35 to 40 percent lien loss recovery rate and recouping almost $9 million in delinquent rent last year alone. This remarkable achievement marks a historic milestone in the […]

Unlocking Opportunities: A Practical Guide to Successful Lot Investing

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Unlocking Opportunities: A Practical Guide to Successful Lot Investing Investing in lots has emerged as a lucrative opportunity for astute investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the ever-growing demand for real estate. Unlike traditional property investments, lots offer unique advantages and strategic opportunities. In this guide, we will delve into the essentials […]

Altoona Iowa is growing fast with new commercial zones and large investments.

Altoona IA Lot Investing In Lots Des Moines Iowa Commercial Real Estate Profit

In January 2022, the City of Altoona issued 8 commercial and 19 residential building permits, representing more than 44,020 square feet of new or improved space and over $6 million invested. In January 2022, the City of Altoona issued 8 commercial and 19 residential building permits representing over 44,020 square feet of new or improved space and over $6 million invested. COMMERCIAL PERMITSNOW BUSINESS TYPE VALUATION SF […]